1. To cater for pupils’ learning diversity and arouse their academic performance by optimizing the teaching and learning strategies and school-based curriculum.
  2. The enhancement of teaching quality and effectiveness in learning by using the mean of professional studies and development.
  3. Provide a balanced and diverse English Language education to foster pupils’ attitudes on self-access language learning.
  4. To help pupils to lay a good foundation in learning English and effective communication of knowledge, ideas, values, attitudes and experience.

Our Curriculum

  • School-based curriculum is implemented from P.1 to P.6.
  • Phonics teaching is implemented in P.1 and P.2.
  • P.1-3 and P.6 pupils have NET lessons every cycle.
  • Small Class Teaching is implemented from P.1 to P.6. Various cooperative learning strategies are used in different class levels.          

Our NET teacher

Hello! I’m Ms. Helen from the United States.  I’m the fun and lovely NET teacher at Cho Yiu Catholic Primary School!

Over the past years of teaching at CYC, I’ve learned and gained much. One important thing I’ve learned is that a true teacher is not someone who only teaches academic lessons to his/her students. Rather, he/she is an advisor and an encourager, who helps the students in each and every sphere of life, by directing them to choose the right paths, and by giving them the courage to take further steps in life.

There is no doubt that every child at CYC is a precious gift given by our Heavenly Father. Not only do I feel grateful and honoured to be here, I also feel blessed and rewarded from teaching the precious little ones, in ways that are beyond descriptions!

Finally, I would like to encourage all the CYC students with the following quote:

 “Only those who dare to fail greatly can achieve greatly.” -Robert F. Kennedy

May all the CYC students continue to seek courage in taking further and bolder steps as they continue to explore in the English Kingdom!

  • The English Ambassadors and the Escorts  are coached to conduct language-learning activities for their younger schoolmates such as chatting with younger pupils, holding English prayers in morning assembly, assisting and the promoting English activities at school.

  • Creative Corner- An English Drama Workshop is conducted with the objectives of developing pupils' creativity and confidence in using English in an English language environment. Different kinds of narrative materials are used to raise pupils' interest in reading and acting. It can in turn enhance their abilities in interpreting written English texts and express their emotions through different tones of voices, facial expressions and body movement.